Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) offer opportunities for practitioners to learn from and with each other by problem-solving and sharing resources and strategies. 

PLCs involve attendance at regular meetings (either in-person, via phone, or online) and participating in the peer community. They are typically time limited and have a closed membership (i.e, membership is limited, pre-registered, or assigned) and new members are not added during the PLC offering. 

PLCs support a reflective process and focus on a particular content, topic, training, or curriculum. 

MRTQ PDN-sponsored PLCs receive support from a trained facilitator and include:


Accreditation cohorts are groups for programs that meet around the specific topic of national accreditation. MRTQ PDN offers support for programs pursuing National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) ,National Association for Family Child Care ( NAFCC), or Council on Accreditation ( COA) accreditation.   <Learn more about Accreditation Cohorts>

Credential cohorts are groups for individuals looking for additional support in pursuing one of the Maine credentials – Infant Toddler, Youth Development, Director, Inclusion, or Technical Assistance.   <Learn more about Credential Cohorts>  <Learn more about Maine Credentials>

Book Clubs consist of participants who agree to read a book and reflect upon the assigned chapters prior to weekly meetings. During the meetings, members participate in reflective practice and discuss how to apply what they have learned.  <Learn more about Book Clubs>

MRTQ PDN Discussion Groups are interwoven with training.  Participants are typically practitioners who participate together in MRTQ PDN training and attend periodic discussion groups to dig deeper into training topics.  <For more information:>

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