Credential Cohorts

Credential Cohorts

Have you completed the necessary training to apply for a Maine credential but are having trouble getting motivated on your own?

Does the process of compiling a portfolio seem like a daunting task?

An MRTQ PDN Credential Cohort might be just what you’re looking for!

The cohort model follows the premise that peer learning can be a positive influence on advancing progress towards identified and shared goals, and participation is FREE!

Each cohort is specific to one of the Maine Credentials: Youth Development, Director, Infant/Toddler, or Inclusion.
The cohort spans a timeframe of 6 months with 2 hour monthly meetings.
Participants have completed the required credential training and are prepared to compile their portfolio.
The cohort provides an opportunity to develop shared understandings of the credential process.
During cohort meetings, the group will discuss and consider the documentation needed to meet each of the portfolio requirements.
Meetings are an opportunity to report progress, offer encouragement, brainstorm with each other and discuss challenges and accomplishments.
The facilitator has in-depth knowledge of the individual credential competencies and application process, including the contents of the portfolio.

*Participation in an MRTQ PDN credential cohort is voluntary and does not guarantee that the participant will be awarded a Maine Credential.

Credential Cohort FAQs

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